“The further one looks, the more there is to see, not so much in philosophy, but more in the areas of history, literary history, theology and history of religion, sociology and anthropology…”
— Simon Critchley, On Humour, 2002.

To broaden the theoretical horizon of the show on Saturdays de Appel Boys’ School will host a variety of activities. A programme of lectures and workshops by internationally renowned practitioners from the fields of art, theory and comedy will be held in the afternoon. The topics will revolve around the nature, history and conceptualization of humour.

From 8pm onwards we will have a screening programme in our onsite cinema, with films and videos selected by the participating artists and the curators, opening a multitude of examples and references.

Provisions will be provided by Talia, supplying traditional Italian gastronomical delights and a bar! Every week, a different special aperitif will be served (at your own expenses) from 6.30pm onwards in our courtyard, bar and reading room.