Saebon Kim
‘‘‘Do You Need a Doctor?’’’
Takes place in Amsterdam & Utrecht
13 April – 12 May 2012



Do You Need a Doctor? is an ongoing, month long project in which Saebon, as a doctor, will deliver an apple to the participants of Three Artist Walk Into A Bar... Questioning the impermanence of societal status granted to professions such as a doctor and conversely, an artist, Saebon’s project also looks at the paradoxical notions of self-identification and denial attached to such positions within society.  


Images: Saebon Kim, Do You Need A Doctor, 2012, photos by Saebon Kim

More about SAEBON KIM

Saebon Kim has traveled to more than 44 countries around the globe. Her travels are an integral part of her research and she tries to eat more than one apple a day.

Saebon Kim (1986, South Korea) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently pursuing her M.A. Fine Arts at maHKU - Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design.