Jeff Weber
‘‘‘Atlas globe bar’’’
10–12 May 2012



The work will be a photograph that explores the possibility for an object to be innately humorous. Specifically it will follow a globe bar. A duplicitous object, the globe representing traditional power structures, undermined by its own hidden function to hold and serve alcohol. This object will be photographed in different locations that make explicit the internal contradictions of the object. The photographs will then be circulated through channels normal reserved for mass advertising, either bus stop posters or magazine pages. The result is an advert without content, the image serving as a stand in for the exhibitions own marketing but existing for its own sake rather than directly representing the event, highlighting the role of cognition in the reading of images.


Images: Jeff Weber, Atlas Globe Bar, 2012


More about JEFF WEBER

“Photography, Image, subject and cognition (in relation to the image), formal systems.”

Jeff Weber (1980) lives and works in Leipzig and Maastricht. He is currently a researcher at the fine art department of Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Jeff graduated from Ensav LaCambre, Brussels, Belgium in 2010 and from Kunsthogskolen, Bergen, Norway in 2007.