Jaiyoung Cho
Takes place at Ina Boudier Bakkerhof 64, 3582 VX, Utrecht
20 April 2012, 12–5pm noon – 5pm



Connection is an interactive sculpture composed of ready-made objects and organic elements such as chocolate, cheese and juice. The organic material falls and deteriorates on a Korean newspaper (with chosen articles related to the Korean political climate) depending on the movements of the public. The stereotypical meaning and function of the ready-made objects are deferred, erased and parodied in this absurd construction. The incongruity between a flexible and apparently casual structure and serious political issues aims to question the ambiguity of our participation in social and political debates.


Images: Jaiyoung Cho, Connection, 2012, photos by Jaiyoung Cho



“My practice stems from questioning our cognition. I try to find and use new ways and boundaries out of existing cognitive systems. Our existing cognitive process is accompanied by a fixed language and concept. I focus on stereotypical and regulated meanings, the role and function of epistemic objects that are derived from existing cognitive processes. I question unequal and hierarchical values between epistemic objects. In my work I try to challenge and change these stereotypical and hierarchical meanings.”

Jaiyoung Cho (1979, Korea) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently participating in the MA Fine Art at maHKU - Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design and holds a MFA and BFA in Sculpture at Ewha Womans University, Seoul. Recent exhibitions include Creative Basket, Simone, Uiwang, South Korea (2011); In Dairy ‘soak’, Kyonggi University, Suwon, South Korea (2010); Between and Tension, Moran Museum of Art, Namyangju, South Korea (2010); Art in sewing, Bukchon Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea (2010); SCAN, Gallery Topohaus, Seoul, South Korea (2009); Empty Material, Songeun Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2009); Salmons of KiMi, Kimi Art, Seoul, South Korea (2009).