Hyemin Kim
‘‘‘A Capricious Sign’’’

“Information is a measure of the freedom of choice one has when selecting a certain message.”

— Arjen Mulder, Understanding Media Theory, 2004.

 “When I look at Dutch signs, their messages come to my mind like strange sequences of letters. I can not figure out their linguistic meaning and they are closer to images than language. And then I ask myself, what will happen if something touches upon them and suddenly the words become recognizable messages? What will happen if I can finally grasp the message that is hidden in these strange symbols?” Through this project Hyemin Kim explores the relation between symbols, language and difference and the ways in which symbols transmit meaning.


Images: Hyemin Kim,  A Capricious Sign, 2012, photoss by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk/Hyemin Kim

More about HYEMIN KIM

I am interested in the communication process of how information is transmitted and changed into a new idea. I found interesting the double-sidedness of language which causes communication and miscommunication at the same time. I've questioned how people make use of language in between the metaphorical words and informational words, and I suggest the semantic and pragmatic relations through my practice.

Hyemin Kim (1984, South Korea) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently a participant of the MA Fine Art, maHKU - Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from the College of Fine Art in Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea (2009). Recent exhibitions include Longing/Belonging: Narrating Space Through the Experiences of a City, Academie Gallerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2012); Final Show of the Sculpture Department, Modern Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2009); Outdoor exhibition in Hanam, South Korea (2008); Better than two, 13.1 Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2008).