Daniela Bershan
‘‘‘I stands’’’
Takes place at Ferdinand Bolstraat (near de Appel Boys' School)
28 April 2012 13:00 – 17:00





In I stands Daniela Bershan explores the sculptural and performative quality of one of the most trivial and common, yet rare activities: standing still. Inspired by several examples in performance, literature and video, such as Kurt Schwitters’ Franz Muellers Drahtfruehling, Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, Kim Soojas’ Needle Woman, as well as by real life situations like being stood up somewhere, waiting or passing by still-standing entertainers on the streets, this performance aims to exaggerate and explore the act of standing still in the context of the exhibition. At different pass way locations around de Appel Boys’ School, the artist will stand still for one hour in five sessions.

Dependent on timing and accidental formations in the space, the performance can function as slap stick or drama. The “I” becomes an object, just another material in space. It becomes a vehicle and the rim between reality and fiction, humor and analysis, between something and nothing. I stands can in this sense be used as an instrument to look at the inside/outside of the context, the exhibition, the everyday life, the practice/the institution, the self and the others.



Images: Daniela Bershan, I stands, 2012, photos by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk


Daniela Bershan’s work focuses on the processes of life and matter and its natural relations to form and composition. Daniela is fascinated by the primal biological need for humans to touch the world and leave a mark in it. Her work oscillates between the primitive and the scientific, between the expressive and the rational, the sculptural and the performative, as for her these are not necessarily opposites.

Daniela Bershan (1980, Germany) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is currently participating in the MA programme of Fine Arts at The Sandberg Institute. She studied Multimedia Design in Stuttgart and Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She participated in exhibitions at NimK, Amsterdam (2012); Beeld Hal Werk @ Storkhal, Amsterdam (2010); We Have a Bar @ 29th São Paulo Biennale, São Paulo (2010); Luxembourg Triennial @ Carre Rotondes, Luxembourg (2010), LOVE @ 1646, The Hague (2009); NO EXIT @ Kunsthaus, Graz (2008); Capacete, Rio de Janeiro (2007). Next to her research and artistic practice Daniela Bershan works as a DJ/producer a.k.a. BABA ELECTRONICA.