Ceemin Golshan
‘‘‘Time is running out’’’
11am – 2pm: Vondelpark, Amsterdam; 3 – 6pm: AY Supermarket, Albert Cuypstraat 228, Amsterdam; 7 – 9pm: Marie Heinekenplein, Amsterdam
19 April 2012



How much do advertisements and announcements play a role in your life? How much attention do you pay to notices in newspapers and other media, or the personal hand written notices in supermarkets? How much do you trust them and how do you react?

For Three Artists Walk into a Bar... Ceemin will place three objects in public space; a candle, a block of ice and bowl of milk, all of which once activated and left out, have a temporal quality with little time left unless someone cares to tend to them. Announcements in every day settings identify the objects as lost, looking for a non-existent owner to save them from their imminent expiration. Setting these objects that could easily be saved a-drift in public space, the artist addresses complex issues of choice between responsibility and apathy, between trust and fear in everyday life. 



Images: Time is running out, Mixed media, 2012, photos by Ceemin Golshan



"My main interest is architectural and minimal photography. The details in everyday life are the subjects of many of my works. I like to bring out ironic meanings from the realistic scenes via the medium of photography."

Ceemin Golshan (1983 Tehran, Iran) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently participating in the MA programme at HKU (Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design), Fine Art department and holds a BA in Spanish Language from Azad University of Tehran. She has recently participated in exhibitions including Tasvir-e sal, Iran’s Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran (2010); Aksbazi, Aran Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2009); Group Photo Exhibition, Cultural Complex of Ebn-e Sina, Tehran, Iran (2009) and Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2008).