Arndt & Bornstück
‘‘‘Einsamkeit (loneliness) / how to make a book / radioshow with sound performance by DJ SCHLUCHT’’’
19 April 2012 7-9pm





“Loneliness, togetherness, poverty, sickness, desparation, hope, dissappointment, death, passion are as serious as they are casual.

Those nine themes build an outline of nine chapters of artists’ work. With the help of copymachine everyone will have a possibility to have a free copy of this book/poster.”



Images: Arndt & Bornstück, Einsamkeit (loneliness) / how to make a book / production of radioshow with sound performance by DJ SCHLUCHT, broadcasted on Radio23, photos by Ceemin Golshan



More about ARNDT & BORNSTüCK

“We work on situationist, multimedia & interactive Installations. Often based on the idea of working with low or no budget, we create improvised sceneries – with the use of day to day items as houshold tools or other very simple material. Our interest oscilates between scientific research, enviromental issues and general human conditions. Concerning those topics we don't come along without humor. We have recently started working on publishing documentary books about the results of our collaborative research.”

Artist duo Andreas Arndt & Fritz Bornstueck studied and worked in different places across Europe individually, until they met at De Ateliers in Amsterdam where they started working on projects together in 2011.

Andreas Arndt (1984, Sweden) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibition include Bananen machen Glücklich, Podium Kunst, Schramberg, Germany (2012); Top 11, Kunstmuseum Ulm, Germany (2011); Hallo Malerei, Galerie Europa, Berlin, Germany (2010); The Village Cry, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (2010); Schwere, Glück, Beschäftigung, The Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany (2009); Le Kiosk/Vertrautes, Terrain, Museum für Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe Germany (2008). He had a solo show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects/Falke and Charlotte, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2007). 

Fritz Bornstueck (1982, Germany) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibition include When the sun comes up, I promise I'll be true – SPG, Stockholm, Sweden (2012); Whatever Lola wants, Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012); One hot minute, Neolithikum, Berlin, Germany (2011); and My love for you is like a japanese car, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2010).