Anna Łuczak
‘‘‘Public Sculpture In Motion’’’
Starts from Dam Square, below the Dutch National Monument
14 April, 2pm 2pm


Video by Alberto Gori

A protest without protest, a sculpture without sculpture, an ephemeral happening as a silent walk.

Is there any chance to be noticed in the crowd?

Public Sculpture In Motion is a human chain procession composed of the participating artists and curators of Three Artists Walk into a Bar… and anybody else who wants to take part. This pacific and playful public manifestation will start in the heart of the city of Amsterdam, Dam Square, and will lead to the Boys’ School in de Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat, partially touching the “Red Carpet” of the city of Amsterdam. The latter is meant to become a new welcome route through the city, just above the new North—South metro line. Public Sculpture In Motion is meant to be an ironic welcome to the rich programme of Three Artists Walk into a Bar... It is a coming together, marking the presence of art in public space by using and filling the conditions of the show, stressing its fragile and ephemeral nature. 

Images: Anna Łuczak, Public Sculpture In Motion, 2012


More about ANNA ŁUCZAK

“I am interested in the everyday, and in how year 2011 differs from year 2012, and how year 1646 is connected to year 2015. Time is all we have, and time is abstract. I am interested in the shifting between these absurd connections in any possible medium and dimension.”

Anna Åuczak (1984, Poland) lives and works in Rotterdam. She is currently a participant of Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam and holds a BA from Willem de Kooning Academy. Recent exhibitions include Opening, Russian Church, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2011); Directors Cut, Rotterdam Plaza, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2011); Piknik Ksiezy Mlyn, Łódź, Poland (2010); Tuk Tuk Kunstroute, public space, Kattendrecht, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2010); Jardin, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, Switzerland (2010); Love, AAA Gallery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2010); Eindexamen tentoonstelling, Huf Gebouw, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2009); Group exhibition, Gallerie Body Power, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2008); Group exhibition, Locus, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2007); Who am I?, Doner Gallerie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2006).